Become a Vendor

IMG_1430The Williamsburg Farmers Market is a community driven Saturday morning farmers market bringing together the best local farmers in the state of Virginia. Our market offers only produce and goods that are grown or made in Virginia, with preference to Coastal Virginia. The fruits and vegetables are from our local farms, the cookies and cakes from local bakers and the seafood from local waterways. Important factors in our selection process for farmers and vendors include product quality, growing practices, presentation, product uniqueness,   and the right product mix to ensure a successful farmers market experience.

Applications for the regular season market will be considered for new vendors after January 5, 2021.  After your application is submitted, it will be reviewed for completion, and will go before the vendor selection committee.  If they decide to pursue you as a vendor this season, you will be contacted to provide any additional needed information and/or samples of your product for review and then a visit will be scheduled by market staff.  Market staff visits every new vendor prior to accepting them into the market.  

The market accepts applications from potential vendors all season long.

We kindly request that you not approach market management regarding your application during market hours.  We do not interview new vendor applicants on Market Saturdays.

Information for Prospective Vendors

  • The Williamsburg Farmers Market is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation.
  • The Williamsburg Farmers market is a producer only market.  Vendors grow, raise, or make what they sell.  Resale does not apply to most products at the Market.  All products must be approved by the Market Manager.
  • In general, arts and crafts are not accepted for sale at the WFM.  Value-added and holiday items must meet strict criteria and be approved in advance by the Market Manager.
  • Vendors sign a yearly agreement and agree to adhere to WFM rules and regulations.
  • NEW regular season vendors pay a $35 application fee, and a percentage of their sales each week.
  • Vendors supply their own tents, tables, and other equipment.
  • Vendors are required to hold the certifications and licenses required for their products by VDACS or the health department.
  • Vendors are required to have liability insurance.
  • Vendors must apply to attend markets.
  • Vendors agree to attend the full season of their product.  A grower who raises a single crop may apply to be a guest vendor for the time that crop is in season.

2021 WFM Vendor Application (online form)